Learn Carton Packaging Design in 4 Minutes


Learn Carton Packaging Design in 4 Minutes – Contact us for your custom packaging box requirements.

Designing your first packaging item may seem like a daunting endeavour, but taking your 2D Packaging Designs into 3D Product Design does not need to be scary.

Learn Carton Packaging Design

This tutorial is a quick start guide for packaging design, from the software you use to know the different shapes and styles of packaging.

Learn Carton Packaging Design

Design of the package is a unique discipline because it has to be functional; While a sign simply has to be hung on a wall, a carton of milk should be able to hold the milk without leaking.

Carton Packaging Design Tutorial:

It can represent unique challenges for package designers who have the task of creating innovative designs and attention forms and packages that emphasize both form and function.

And you will also learn how to prepare your 2D illustrations for printing and we will look at some of the different print finishes that you can apply to your designs.

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