Content requirements for packaging: 

Which is the product?
Who is buying the product?

Brand requirements: If your packaging needs to represent a certain aesthetic of the brand, be sure to gather the following information before you begin:

Colors: If you already have the CMYK or Pantone Matching Values (PMS) values, the colors include those that are specifically for printing. (If not, a hexadecimal code is also fine.)

Logo: If you need to put a logo on the package, make sure you have a vector file available.

Fonts: Make sure you have the proper fonts and specific instructions for use (such as kerning or weight).

Written text Copy: This can include anything from the name of your product to a description to words that entice someone to buy.

Images & logo: Do you want to put photos in your packaging? You will need to have them ready to go before you start packing.

Marks: Depending on your product / industry, we need a bar code, nutritional information, association marks, etc.

Other Requirements: Expiration dates or lot numbers, etc., to add space for a label or stamp to be placed at a later date with that information.