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Premium Wine Packaging Design

Premium Wine Packaging Design – Tesoro di Volpe is a complex project that saw the agency partner with the customer in order to create a new brand from scratch.

The result of our efforts is a product that looks elegant and modern, highlighting the quality of the drink, while referring to ancient times and wine maturation.

Premium Wine Packaging Design

Taking the customer’s requests as a basis, the trademark had a name and general legend developed for it, after the packaging design was created according to general product concept. As a result, a new line of premium wines was developed, produced from the best grape varieties of Moldova and destined to a whole set of foreign markets.

From the visual point of view, the packaging design presents a temperate style with the application of certain techniques that emphasize the link with the treasure aspect of the brand – the edges of the grunge label, certain typographic fonts, special wine paper .

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